songs for little kids
Image - help your little brother or sister

we are in an orchestra
An orchestra is a large group of people who play music together. This is a song about an orchestra. What instruments do you think the people in the orchestra can play?
Image - a man is playing the tambourine
 the leaves on the trees
The trees are different in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Listen to a song about the four seasons.
Image -
 a tree and bees
stop! look! listen! think!
Do you know how to cross the road safely? Learn the rules of crossing the road with this song.
 - children waiting to cross the road
 the alphabet song
"A, B, C, D, E I'm in the jungle in a coconut tree" Listen to song about the Alphabet.
Image - monkey in a tree
ten shiny coins
How much money is in your money box today? Listen to a song about a boy, his money box, and the things he buys.
Image - a money box with coins in it
 we're going to the zoo
"We're going to the zoo to see a kangaroo...and a lion too!" Listen to a song about what you can see at the zoo.
Image -
 a sign for the zoo
i can run
Can you run? Can you swim? Can you hop? Listen to a song, and print an activity about the things you can and can't do.
Image - a panda in a stadium
 quiet please!
"Quiet please, children!" Listen to a song about a teacher and some children in class. Practise words and phrases for the classroom.
Image - children in the classroom
the river
Animals were important to the ancient Egyptians. Listen to a song about all the animals living along the river. You can do the actions too!  
Image - a hippo swimming in the river

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